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3 steps to pick the best location for your business using Data and Science

1️⃣  Understand where your target customers are. Try our free Location Analyzer tool

2️⃣  Know where your competitors and helper businesses are located. See our example analysis for a cafe in Denver

3️⃣  Understand foot traffic. See our example analysis for a restaurant in Los Angeles

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Cem Vardar, PhD - Industrial Engineering Data Scientist - Intel, Carvana
  • For 20 years my job in tech companies was to build tools for making correct decisions using data, analytics and scientific approaches
  • These powerful data tools should not be reserved for large companies.
  • Small businesses deserve the same level of attention and care when they are making their location decisions.

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This analysis is the ideal helper for picking the best location for restaurants, cafes, gyms, preschools, yoga studios and almost any kind of brick and mortar small business.

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Your purchase will include

An online kickoff meeting with us to go through your case and understand requirements for your needs
A document of how demographic data can be used for small business location selection applied on an example problem
A report that provides analysis and map visualizations of demographic data for your candidate locations and recommendations based on our analysis and observations. This will be delivered 7 days after our kickoff meeting.
An online wrap up meeting with us to go through the document together and answer any questions you might have

Check our short video to see how it works:

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